Bathroom Shelves Design

Vintage Design Industrial Pipe Bathroom Shelves Designs

Rustic bathroom shelves with an industrial pipe shelf and towel bar, solid wood shelving units, and robust black brushed silver piping brackets, add a touch of industrial design to your room.

Bathroom shelves made of pipe are constructed from a sturdy solid wood board. both wear- and water-resistant. Beautiful, ancient, and classical wood grain provides your space with a luxurious feel. Each shelf is capable of supporting 50 lbs.

Vintage Design Industrial Pipe Bathroom Shelves Designs

HIGH QUALITY, STURDY, AND STRONG- High-quality iron pipe is used throughout the frame. Each item has been validated to be a specific size and weight. You don’t need to worry about it being broken off and twisted over because all connections come without any welding. High-quality materials provide you with a wall towel shelf that is solid, strong, and long-lasting.

Ideal for storage operators— Utilize this pipe wall shelf to increase the amount of storage you have. This set of three wall-mounted bathroom shelves provides elegant and functional storage. Excellent storage for your kitchen, bar, living area, bedroom, bathroom, and coffee shop… It can store practically every household item, including wine, books, bowls, plates, and glasses.

Vintage Design Industrial Pipe Bathroom Shelves Designs

SIMPLE TO INSTALL Step-by-step illustrated instructions and all necessary hardware, such as iron pipes, flanges, planks, and screws, are included with the shelves. 【Size】 30″H x 20″W x 8″D; Wood: 20″W x 8″D x 1.2″T; Shelves are 12″ apart.

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