Electric Furnace Blowing Cold Air

furnace not working check these things.
Electric Furnace Blowing Cold Air

The Winter season comes, and you are feeling cold inside your home because you want your home to feel warm. you’ve started the furnace of your home but your Electric furnace blowing cold air.

It is natural to think that your home furnace is bad and needs repair or replacement.

Before you call for help. You can check your furnace by yourself that you really need to call your furnace repair technician or you can fix it without them.

There are some common causes that your furnace is running but cold air is coming out of your vents.

Problems with Your Thermostat

The thermostat controls most of your HAVC system. This means if the thermostat somehow failed, cooling and heating in your home are compromised. If that happens you have to manually set your Air Conditioner and your Home Heater.

Always invest in a good quality thermostat for fail-proof functioning.

So, you have to check your thermostat setting for cooling and heating. Is your thermostat showing the exact temperature of your home?

If not, then you have to re-calibrate your thermostat settings. Or completely reset your thermostat to the factory setting.

A Thermostat controls the furnace automatically according to your home temperature. And if you are using a programmable thermostat then you have to set the desired temperature.

Furnace Duct is leaking

 A home furnace is connected through a duct to warm the house. which should be sealed from any leakage.

If there is a leakage in your duct, then the warm air coming from your electric furnace get mixed with the outside air and result in cold air through your went. 

Make sure that your Duct is sealed throughout the vent.

 You should clean your duct every 2 to 3 years. A cleaning of duct is not that necessary but it can help you maintain clean air throughout the house and decrease the chances of any health problems before they start.

Problems in Electric Furnace Panel

Electric furnace sometimes gets their electric panel damaged due to fluctuation in electric voltage.

This results in disrupted electrical flow to your furnace to function properly. And the reason behind your electric furnace dysfunction.

so before buying an electric furnace for your home please make sure to buy any quality products.

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Furnace is Overheating

Home furnaces get overheated due to no air ventilation for air circulation.

Clogged ventilation or dust in between the ventilation system of the furnace makes the furnace get overheated.

To resolve this problem, make sure you service your home furnace on a regular basis. you can do it by yourself if you’re smart enough to understand the complications otherwise ill recommend calling your service provider.

Maintaining your furnace makes your furnace work efficiently and increases a long running life.

Faulty Furnace Coil

Nowadays Home Furnace comes with smart safety features for our safety. And those safety features are smart enough to detect any problems that occurred in your electric furnace.

As I told you before nothing is 100% fail-proof, Sometimes smart safety features get an error due to many reasons.

If your Electric furnace blowing cold air then it is the most common reason that your furnace coil is compromised.

Call any furnace technician to replace your faulty coil with a new coil.

Problem in Fan/Heat Pump

The most useful and always working thing in an electric furnace is Fan module, it blows out the heated air through your duct into your home.

If somehow your Fan module stopped working that means you can’t have hot/warm air in your home.

There are several cases where an electric furnace fan module gets defective. The reason is some dust and dirt get trapped into your fan that stopping your fan from rotating movements.

Make sure your fan is rotating freely without making loud noises.

Electric furnace Air Filter clogged

Air Filter is one of the most important parts of your furnace. Because it helps to make air coming to your home is clean. and help your furnace to breathe properly.

 all we have to do is just remove the filters from your furnace, and put it in a bathtub or in your garden. Wash it with soap in water only. Be careful to when you install it back. it takes time to dry off completely.

You can call any service provider in your location. They can do that for you with some service charge. So you don’t have to worry about it.

Electric Furnace thermocouple not working

The reason why thermocouples in your electrical furnace are not working is due to obstruction in the pilot tube.

The wires didnt get wear or tear, it makes your thermocouple not working at all.

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