outside ac unit not running but inside is

Reason Why your outside ac unit not running but inside is

An air conditioner is the most used home appliance in our homes. In summers, all we need is cold air.

To keep our room temperature cool, we use an air conditioner in our homes and office. We can’t even imagine summers without an air conditioner.

Just imagine one day your air conditioner stops working? outside ac unit not running but inside is?

It is hard to believe, but as the air conditioner is the most used appliance in summers.

The chances of it getting a snag or defect are also high.

If you are using an air conditioner for a long time or you are planning to buy one? You will face some problems with your air conditioner.

Like, your ac won’t turn on? Not cooling enough as it supposes to cool? Indoor unit stop working? Outside ac unit not running but inside is? And many more.

If you face any issue related to your air conditioner it’s better to call the service support as soon as possible.

Sometimes the problems in your air conditioner are minor which you can fix it all by yourself.

there can be so many reasons why your air conditioner stop working. Let’s go through the problems one by one and see how you can fix it.

Outside ac unit not running but inside is

There are many reasons why your outside unit is not turning on. Some defects can be fix easily with little understanding of appliance or some require an professional expertise.

Here is the list of reasons why your outside unit is not working. 

  • Tripped Circuit Breaker
  • No Power to the outside unit
  • Defect in PCB board
  • Defect in Contactor
  • Damage in Compressor
  • Defect in the outside Fan assembly

Tripped Circuit Breaker

tripped circuit breaker

Sometimes a small voltage change can cause your circuit breaker to get tripped down.

The circuit breaker is for the safety of your appliance as well as for your home.

If anything happens to your wiring like a short circuit or your machine, have some defect or issue then the circuit breaker trip down and cut the power.

Check your outside ac unit Circuit breaker and main circuit breaker for any tripping of the switch.

If the position of your circuit breaker switch is in downward/off, then push it to the upward/on position.

Tripping of Circuit breaker regularly means that there is some issue with your appliance and your wiring.

Never ignore the tripped circuit breaker more than one time. If it happening more often then call an expert on Home electricity immediately.

It could be an indication of the main problem in your air conditioner.

No Power to the outside unit

After checking the circuit breaker, check the power cable of your ac outside unit. Any cut or crack in the cable is the reason why your outside unit is not turning on.

Any cut or crack in the power cable breaks the flow of current into your outdoor ac unit.

If no current goes to the outer unit, then it looks like a defect in the external ac unit.

You can check the power cable for input/output of power supply with the help of Ammeter or with an electric tester.

Electric tester is very easy to use; it is a standard tool everyone has in their homes.

To check the current in power cable point the electrical inspector to the endpoint of the cable that attached to the terminal of the outer ac unit.

If light glow then the current flow is present. If the tester light didn’t light up, then the fault is in your power cable.

Change the power cable of your outdoor ac unit. You can change it by yourself or call an expert to change it for you.

Defect in PCB board

The indoor unit of your air conditioner has a PCB Board. What PCB board does is, it supply the power to your external unit with the help of Relay.

Use of Relay in your ac is to switch high voltage device like your external unit. A relay can withstand high voltage change that no other switch can bear.

Sometime the Relay in your ac unit get damage and stop the power supply to the external unit.

It turns your outer ac unit ON and OFF, and faulty Relay switch results in OFF position. And your exterior unit doesn’t turn on as it supposes to be.

Check the Relay for any issue by looking at the LED indicator of the Relay switch.

It is nearly impossible to repair a Relay without help from the Relay manufacture. So you have to replace it with new. 

As replacing the Relay is a complicated task and require precision and professional expert to replace.

I suggest you to call for your home electrician for any job.

Defect in Contactor

A contactor is a switch that helps your thermostat to ON and OFF your air conditioner.

The contactor used where high voltage operation is required. And where we need frequent ON and OFF.

The chance that your ac contactor gets defect or damage is not much.

Sometimes the accumulation of dirt and dust in the plunger makes the incomplete circuit results in no power to your air conditioner system.

What a contactor does is send the power supply to your outer ac unit and run your compressor and fan assembly.

A faulty contactor is one of the reasons why your outside ac unit is not turning on.

You can check your ac contactor with the help of an electric multimeter. As ac contactor is cheap, you can buy as low as $8-$12 from amazon.

Always check that all the electric power turned off before any repair. I suggest you call an expert for this task.

Damage in Compressor Unit

A damaged compressor unit results in why your outside ac unit is not working.

Sometimes the compressor assembly in your ac gets heated, it burns the wiring connection and breaks the power supply in your ac unit.

The compressor is the heart in your air conditioner system. And it is very complicated to fix your compressor by yourself.

You can check your compressor assembly with the help of a multimeter.

If you find any defect, call your air conditioner service support to fix it.

Defect in the outside Fan assembly

The Fan assembly in the outer ac unit creates a problem for the central ac unit.

The fan is used for throwing heat outside from the compressor unit and make it cool down.

If anything happens to the fan unit, there is a safety system that cuts down the power supply of the whole outside ac unit.

The fan can get defects for various reasons. In these cases, the fan stopped working.

  • Faulty Capacitor
  • Burnt Fan
  • Burnt Wire

Look for the defect and call for assistance from the manufacturer. tell them that my ac unit fan not spinning. They will give you some solution or visit your home to fix it.

Don’t ever use your Air conditioner if the outside fan is not running. It can damage your compressor unit, which will costs you a lot of money.

Final Thoughts

We all use the air conditioner in our homes.

If you are using ac after a long time, then I recommend you to use after servicing your air conditioner to keep it healthily working for a long time.

Maintaining your ac will increase the efficiency and cooling of your air conditioner; otherwise, some problems likely to occur like ac stop working, slow cooling problem, outside ac unit not running but inside is, and many more.



Why is my outside AC unit not running?

Here is the list of reasons why your outside unit is not working. 

  • Tripped Circuit Breaker
  • No Power to the outside unit
  • Defect in PCB board
  • Defect in Contactor
  • Damage in Compressor
  • Defect in the outside Fan assembly

Should the outside unit run when the AC is on?

Yes, your air conditioner is consists of two units. The indoor unit and outdoor unit, both works in symmetry to cool your Room/home. If one unit stops working, then it can affect your cooling, and the chances are you will end up damaging your air conditioner.

Do AC units have a reset button?

Yes, a modern smart air conditioner comes with a reset button inbuilt. It will reset your air conditioner setting to the factory setting. After you reset your air conditioner, you have to set your desire temperature again to make a comfortable temperature in your room/home.

What do you do if your air conditioner isn’t cooling?

There are many reasons that your air conditioner isn’t cooling. Check your thermostat cooling setting, maybe a faulty compressor unit, your air conditioner run out of freon. Your outside unit is not working correctly.

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