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Totaline thermostat full guide 2021

totaline thermostat

thermostat plays a vital role in making sure the temperature in your home is optimal. Here comes the totaline thermostat, because choosing the right thermostat can also help to ensure your home is heated and cooled as efficiently as possible.

      So selecting the right thermostat for your home can not only help you stay comfortable year-round, but it can also help you save on your monthly energy bills.

Totaline thermostat

thermostat technology is continuously evolving, with each improvement advancing the convenience, temperature control, and energy efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling.

The totaline thermostat company makes different types of thermostats for your home and offices according to your needs.

There are different types of thermostats, like a battery-operated, four-button thermostat, eight-button thermostat, and many more.

The operation of the totaline thermostat

helps you to maintain the temperature of your home and office by setting. You can set the cooling and heating of your home and office with the help of the “mode” button.

Set when to control your temperature by setting heat mode by pressing the “mode” button. And set the temperature by pressing the increasing and decreasing button on your thermostat, to set temperature when you want to start your heating operation.

Do the same for your air conditioning to begin by pressing the “mode” button to cool.

You can set your desired temperature with the help of the up and down switch on your totaline thermostat, to start your air conditioning when your home temperature crosses the set temperature in your thermostat.

After you finished setting your heating and cooling temperature limits, you can enable your totaline thermostat to the “Auto” mode. By pressing the “Mode” button until you see Auto written on the display of your totaline thermostat.

In auto mode, your totaline thermostat auto-start your air conditioning and heater to cool and heat your home when it reaches the temperature you set in your thermostat.

You can disable it by pressing the “Mode” button until “off” appears in the thermostat display.


Programming of thermostat

totaline thermostat

 The switches in your totaline thermostat use to control your heating or cooling system. Depending on the season.

COOL will control your air conditioning. HEAT will control your furnace, and OFF will turn all systems off. There is also a FAN switch. If you set the switch to AUTO, the fan only runs when the heating or cooling system is on. If you set the switch to ON, the fan will run continuously.

To program your totaline thermostat for maximum energy savings. You should start by setting the time and date. Do it by pressing the SET button, and it displays you to set the time. Adjust the time by using the up and down switch and pay attention to the AM and PM when you set the desired time, press SET. After setting the time, it will show the week setting, set it by using up and down buttons, and press SET. 

You can program four time periods each day, with different settings for weekdays and weekends.

First, be sure you set the thermostat to the system you want to program HEAT or COOL. Press the SET button until the schedule is displayed. It will show you weeks, then set the wake time, when you want your totaline thermostat to start cooling or heating the home.

You can also set totaline thermostat to the time when you leave your home and when your return from work to home.

You can override the schedule setting temporarily by adjusting the temperature with the help of the up and down switch.

 If you want to override your programmed setting, you can do it by changing the up and down button to the desired temperature and press the HOLD button.

If you want to run your scheduled program, then press the RUN button.

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The winter settings reflect a complementary approach to easting the home. The most programmable thermostat has two programming overrides. When you know your regular schedule will vary. A temporary override for when you’d like to adjust the temperature for just a few hours and vacation hold permanent override.

An excellent way to make sure your home remains a constant, efficient temperature. When you’re away fro the weekend or on vacation, both ensure that upon your return, your home returns to its standard heating and cooling schedule.

As you choose your desired temperatures to keep in mind that you will save about 1% off your heat and cooling costs for each degree, you set your thermostat above 78 degrees in the summer and below 68 degrees in the winter.


Using a programable totaline thermostat is a great way to save as much as 15% on your energy bills. They allow you to maintain acceptable temperatures in your home while saving money.

You achieve the highest amount of saving when you lower your energy use on heating and cooling for at least eight continuous hours.
The programmable thermostat manufacturer had this in mind.
When they design thermostat with pre-programmed for four setting times, wake 6 AM, day *AM, evening ^PM, and sleep 10 PM. You can shift the times at which you’d like to the system to adjust the temperature but it always right to maintain at least 2-8 hours cycles.

If you’re home on the weekends, most can typically be scheduled differently from weekdays.
The energy star pre-program thermostat comes to the program to cool to 78 degrees. But when you wake up, temperature increases at least 7 degrees during the workday when no one is home, it returns to 78 degrees for the evening and increases at least 4 degrees while you sleep.

For every kilowatt-hour you save on your bill, you’re also helping to protect the environment as well as a real win-win.


Saving money on your energy bill,

help the environment.

and that’s the power of the things.

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