9 Totaline Thermostat Troubleshooting

Most of the people use the thermostat in their homes not just for their comfort, and to maintain perfect home temperature, Also for its efficiency and to save energy. These totaline thermostat Troubleshooting will fix all the problem you are faceing.

The thermostat helps us to maintain the home temperature throughout the day and night. It needs little maintenance to work efficiently, and to adjust the temperature in our homes. Sometimes thermostat stops working or works falsely.

Then you only have two options in that case. Call the customer service center or fix the issue yourself.

I have compiled the 9 most common problems your thermostat might have with Totaline Thermostat Troubleshooting

  • Buttons are not working
  • Thermostat show an inaccurate temperature
  • Battery discharge expeditiously
  • Shows black screen during heating operation
  • The screen shows “PF” when cooling o heating starts.
  • Unit running reverse
  • Why is your thermostat losing clock time?
  • Thermostat heat and cools at the same time
  • The fan won’t start with your heating setting.

1. Buttons are not working

Totaline Thermostat Troubleshooting

This issue has occurred in most of the thermostat users out there. Sometimes the thermostat takes time to respond after you press the button and many time your keypad is locked. 

To unlock your keypad, press the “MODE” and “UP or “DOWN” button simultaneously to open the keypad.

2. Thermostat show inaccurate temperature

Totaline Thermostat Troubleshooting

Sometimes the thermostat shows an inaccurate temperature reading due to miscalibration. 

Many new thermostats can calibrate themselves just by pressing a single key.

The totaline thermostat comes with different configurations. To calibrate the four-buttons model thermostat, you have to press the MODE and DOWN button for 2-3 seconds. By doing this, the whole display will lit up.

After this, press the “MODE” button again, .and the temperature setting will appear on the screen. Adjust the temperature with the UP and DOWN button and press the MODE button to exit.

On eight-button thermostat models, to re-calibrate the thermostat, press and hold the MODE and FAN button for 5-7 seconds, the screen will turn on. Press the UP and DOWN button simultaneously after this the room temperature section appears on the screen.

Use the UP and DOWN button to adjust the temperature, and when you finish adjusting to your desired temperature, press the MODE button to exit. 

3. battery discharge expeditiously

Totaline Thermostat Troubleshooting

The battery-operated thermostat is a wireless-type thermostat. There are several types of batteries available.

Always use AA lithium batteries for your home thermostat. Don’t use regular alkaline batteries for your thermostat. Alkaline batteries will discharge promptly and cause abnormal thermostat operation.

If your batteries are still discharging rapidly, check the thermostat backlight setting. Don’t keep your backlight always on, and the cells will release their charge quickly. If you want to turn on the backlight, then connect it with some AC connection and plug the thermostat into a wall outlet.

4. totaline thermostat no display

Totaline Thermostat Troubleshooting

the display goes blank, for many reasons. It might be an issue of thermostat battery discharge. And it can be a safety program to save your appliances.

The leading cause of display going blank during heating operation is when the furnace reaches the high-temperature limit. Then the safety measure takes place by tripping the furnace.

By this, the heater shuts off the burners and break the resistance leg to the thermostat, and the thermostat didn’t get any power and goes blank. Don’t worry. Shutting your heater off is the safety features of thermostat and furnace to save you from any accident.

If this happens, immediately check the cause of the limit trips or call your customer support. 

5. The screen shows “PF” when cooling or heating starts.

It is also a safety feature of the thermostat. The thermostat shows “PF,” only there is a short circuit that happens in the wiring system. If there is a standard wire present in the wiring system, check it for continuity, loose wire connections, and broken wire.

 Pieces of equipment that have only one function, like a furnace or air conditioning alone. Then it must have a common cable.

If the machine is gas/electric. Then the thermostat will function without a common wire. But again, when you start your thermostat to cool or heat, and the screen goes blank, that means you have to add the resistor in between W and C.

6. Unit running reverse

the issue when your thermostat starts heating when you set it to cool and start cooling, then you set your thermostat to heat.

The main reason for this is – the heat pump setting is wrong. You can resolve this issue with a simple change in setting

to do that, go to setup step 3 and replace the heating pump setting.

7. Thermostat losing clock time?

The main reason for losing time is when the furnace reaches the limit and trips or some other safety limits.

If the temperature limit exceeds the safety function of thermostat and heater, start shutting off the burners and the 24VAC to the thermostat.

If the thermostat loses power, the clock stops running.

The furnace blower keeps running on. The homeowner couldn’t detect the thermostat screen goes blank, and the furnace blowers remain at on position.

When the temperature cools down, then burners start, and the screen of your thermostat shows the time and temperature. The time show in the thermostat may be slower due to the power cut in the thermostat.

The reasons for this issue are so many. Look for any dirty filters in your burners and find the cause of the high temperature.

8. Thermostat heat and cools at the same time

the reason for this issue might be the wrong setting of your heat pump. Many times your heat pump setting gets disturbed, or you forgot to set the heat pump.

You can tweak your heat pump setting by going to set up, or you can turn off your heat pump from the setup option in step 3 of your device.


9. The fan won’t start with your heating setting.

One of the most common issues in the thermostat, sometimes you fan doest start with your heater.

You can fix this by turning your electric heater on and change the setting in your thermostat at step 5.

you can reset this setting also to the factory settings. I recommend you to set your electric heater and fan settings according to your needs.

4 more least Problems that users faced.

1. Incorrect temperature shows in remote sensors

sometimes, the remote sensor doesn’t show the correct temperature reading on the device. Check your connection to the thermostat, sometimes thermostat losses its connection and give false temperature readings to your remote device.

Check the degree symbol on your thermostat screen. If the degree symbol flashing, the connect is stable, and if the symbol is not flashing, then re-connect your device to thermostat again.

Make sure you’re not using shielded wire as shielded wire reduces the temperature.

2. The thermostat doesn’t respond to change in home temperature.

The thermostat senses the room temperature and adjusts the cooling and heating of the room automatically. Sometimes thermostat doesn’t respond if the home temperature changes.

The leading cause of this issue is air blowing through the thermostat from the wall you place your thermostat. There is a hole behind your thermostat, cover it with some insulation tape or spray foam. And stop the airflow.

3. The thermostat doors and switches don’t close/work properly.

Totaline Thermostat Troubleshooting

The most important thing to check before installing any thermostat in your homes is to check the accessibility and working of mechanical cover.

Sometimes people end up placing their thermostat in such a place where the reachability is not that handy.

Always mount your thermostat on the flat wall. That way, your thermostat doors will close and open smoothly, and your switches move correctly.

If you are facing this issue, lose your wall mounting little bit and straight backplate of the thermostat.4

4. Display light fluctuate

Sometimes you’ll notice that it fluctuates. The reason for this issue is your connection is loose or unstable. Check the connector pin at the backplate of your thermostat.


If your thermostat issue is one of the above listings, you can fix it yourself at home. These tips needed only a little technical skill anyone can do it. Always follow your manufacturer’s guide to fixing some issues, and if you are not able to do that, call your customer’s support immediately.

And if you want to upgrade to the latest features thermostat with the remote sensor you can easily be able to upgrade without changing the wiring set.

IF you find this article useful and want to give some suggestions please let us know in comments.

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