5 signs your thermostat needs new battery

A weak battery in your thermostat starts making an error in its operation of cooling and heating and your thermostat starts acting abnormally.

Battery Low Alert

this is a standrd battery low alarm, which flash on the thermostat screen, when the battery juice out. consider it a battery replacement call

Dim Screen Brightness

If your thermostat show Dimming of screen randomly, it indicate your thermostat batteries need to be replaced

Audio alert

Today, Smart thermostat comes with a audio alert for important alert like battery replacement, keep a ear  near the thermostat, chec anythings unusual happening

Heating and Cooling

low battery in your thermostat can affect your Heating and Cooling. The thermostat sends a signal to your HAVC System with the help of Relay Switch

The thermostat that operates on batteries requires checkup at regular intervals. And the main thing that is batteries requires a little more attention.

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