10 Reasons Why Your Thermostat Not Working

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Thermostats are a fantastic device. It controls our home temperature automatically efficiently. Imagine one day your thermostat not working?

Don’t worry. We got you. Here is the list of widespread problems in thermostat devices and their solutions. Go through the article and find out that you can fix it by yourself or call the customer service support center.

What is a Thermostat

 Why myThermostat Not Working

One way to save money and energy is to buy a programmable thermostat if you don’t already have one. A programmable thermostat will allow you to specify what temperature you want in your house.
At any given time or day throughout the week, even when you are away from home.

Switch your thermostat to a programmable model for an easy update that will save you money on your energy bills. You can program the thermostats to adjust the temperature based on the time of day automatically,

so your furnace or air conditioner will run less often when you are at work or school or while you are sleeping
To cut down your home’s energy costs, replace your current thermostat with one that can be programmed.

Many families save close to $200 yearly through programmable thermostat use. You can change the programmable thermostat the way you want it to change when your family is sleeping or out of the house, keeping you from paying for heating and cooling you don’t need.

They’re also inexpensive, and you can buy for less than $40.

List of Reasons Your Thermostat Not Working.

It’s not so common that your thermostat fails Due to its build quality and its optimum sensors. But when it fails, there can be multiple reasons behind it. Some can be easy to Fix at home, but some needs expert advice.

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Dead Battery

The thermostat comes in a wide range of variety. If you are using the battery-operated type thermostat, then you should check if there is a dead battery is the reason behind your thermostat is not workings.

If it’s true, then consider replacing the batteries immediately. Don’t buy alkaline batteries for your thermostat; They are so weak and non-reliably for life longevity. 

Buy fresh AA lithium batteries for your thermostat as they are reliable for the long run and give stable charge. And have good overall health.

Replacing the batteries of your thermostat is easier than you think. Just remove the faceplate of the thermostat by unscrewing the screws in the front and plug out.

Replace the cells and mount back the faceplate to the base of the thermostat. Screw back, and you are good to go.

Blown Fuse

The possible reason that your thermostat not working is a Blown, Fuse. It can happen for many reasons; Your HVAC system reaches the high limit temperature and its result in a circuit breaker. And no power to the thermostat.

Check your electrical board to make sure your fuse didn’t trip. If the issue is a blown a fuse, you can fix it quickly at home. All you have to do is see which type of circuit breaker you’re using.

If you’re using the low resistance wire type fuse, then your wire gets melted due to overloading, and you have to replace the cord immediately.

For the Trip type circuit breaker, all you have to do is switch it to ON.

Loose Wiring

 Loose wiring is one of the reasons for your non-working thermostat. If you are using a thermostat that uses home electrical power to operate, check your thermostat for loose pin connection at the backplate.

You can fix this issue by removing the faceplate of your thermostat and check for any loose wiring in the wiring unit. Check the power must be OFF before you start to tight the wiring to avoid any accident.

Always follow the manufacturer manual before any maintenance or repair.

Thermostat Don’t Function Properly.

Sometimes a faulty thermostat is a reason for your thermostat not working correctly. Might be its a programming issue or a factory defect. In both cases, you have two options; If it is a program issue, you can fix it manually by programming it. If you know how to program a thermostat, you can do it or follow this simple guide to program your thermostat.

Tweaking just some simple temperature setting will help you to fix this issue. Sometimes heating and cooling systems didn’t reach the desired temperature. So you have to re-calibrate it yourself or take someone’s help.

If it’s a faulty thermostat, the only option you have is replacing the unit. It’s up to you that you want to replace the full device with an upgraded smart thermostat, or you can replace only the faceplate, and it will work perfectly fine.

Get it replaced by yourself. You can also call the customer support service center for replacement.

Faulty Heat Anticipator

The safety system in our home is the reason for your thermostat not working correctly. The thermostat consists of a heat anticipator. What does it do?

 It controls your heating system by setting the temperature where your thermostat ON/OFF your burners. If it gets damaged, then your heating system can reach the high-temperature limit, and it powers off your thermostat to save you from any fire or accidents.



If you found your thermostat not working? Don’t worry. This guide will solve most types of defects that occur in thermostats. Go through it and don’t practice ant repair and replacement before following the manufacturer manual for step by step guide. 

You can ask someone to help you out. You can call the customer service support center for their help. They will charge you some fees, but they will do quality work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my thermostat is not working?

There are so many reasons if your thermostat is not working, like Dead Battery, Blown Fuse, Loose Wiring, a faulty thermostat, and Faulty Heat Anticipator, etc. Some errors can fix at home, or some defects can only repair by experts.

How do I fix an unresponsive thermostat?

An unresponsive thermostat can fix by cleaning the thermostat from inside for any dust and dirt accumulation. And check for some loose wiring behind the faceplate and a freshly charged batteries, weak batteries can be the reason of unresponsive thermostat.

How do you know if your thermostat is not working?

To identify whether your thermostat is working or not. You have to check if your electricity bill is increasing as compared to last month, your home temperature feels abnormal, the Air conditioning and heater stopped running, and NO power in your thermostat.

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